Christmas Hampers and NOT Toolboxes!

Three Christmas Hampers. All with different quantities of high quality, classy products.

Each item is selected with care and chosen for its special flavours or textures. One of the hampers is fabulously richly stocked with a glorious selection.

I prefer to think of the skills for training my horses like a putting together a sumptuous rich Christmas hamper. I far prefer this to the “toolbox” analogy. Tools are for mechanics, hampers are gifts.

Relatively few horses have to genuinely work for their living. Most people want their domesticated horses to be wonderful soulmates, loyal companions and fun partners. It makes sense to give them a gift and fill up the Christmas Hamper with as many skills as we can afford to acquire.

Fill up your Christmas Hamper by acquiring skills to give as gifts to your horse such as:

*Beneficial lunging with no need for gadgets

*Long reining

*Work in hand with softness and understanding

*Riding with gentleness and tact

*Understanding bio mechanics of the horse and rider

*Reward based training methods

*Body work techniques

*Fun and games and variety

*Sympathy and empathy

*Ethology and behaviour in training

*Togetherness times

*Appropriate animal husbandry

And remember a hamper like this is not just for Christmas – it lasts a lifetime, and the more skills in your hamper the more choices of gifts you can give to your horse – but a word of warning – it must be continuously topped up and refreshed with new tuition, new skills, new ideas and new views, or the ingredients in the hamper will go stale.

If you would like some help acquiring some more skills for your Christmas Hamper, please get in touch to discuss what gift you would like to acquire to give to your horse.

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