Past, Present and Future

So right now I have 3 (well 4 really)  sculptures to talk about – one has been cast already, one is on the table right now, one is commissioned but not begun yet and one exists only in my head and is a future plan.

The sculpture I have just had cast is based on a beautiful Hispano Arabe who belonged to a good friend of mine, and his joyous party piece was the most incredible and flamboyant Spanish Walk. This beautiful horse has now sadly passed away, but when I saw him make his Spanish Walk it had a rare quality because his back did not become hollow and his hind legs were stepping underneath him while his forelegs were being raised so rhythmically and so high that it looked effortless, yet fabulously impressive. This sculpture has now been cast in affordable Resin and can be finished in any colour, including bronze. It can be pained to represent a particular colour of your horse, or it can be painted in a decorative and non realistic manor, or it can be left simply pure white for a beautiful statement piece for your home. The starting price for this sculpture in the pure white form is £250 plus P&P. It is also possible for this sculpture to be cast in bronze to order.



The sculpture on the table right now is the FABULOUS Lusitano Stallion “Uranio”, belonging to Sue Whitmore. He is an ethereal creature who is fine yet powerful and strong yet elegant. I first met him when he was a young horse and having visited him again more recently as a mature stallion I can tell you that he has become a truly magnificent adult horse. He has a dynamism and balance in his movement that is rarely seen in any horse –  and to see him move makes onlookers gasp at the sheer beauty and grace. He also happens to be a truly wonderful and kind character too. This sculpture will be cast in Bronze and will have a simple rectangular, elegant base.



The Sculpture that is commissioned is a very elegant PRE mare, who will be a real delight to work on. She has lovely conformation and is a super moving horse, who I have seen working at my own home, so working on her sculpture will be a real joy. Photos will follow once I have them of her.


A future idea I have for later this year is to make a sculpture of a life sized horses head. Imagine how beautiful it could be to have such a sculpture of your own horse in your living room with you!

I already have a horse or two in mind to use as the models as they both have such expressive faces and such beautiful bone structure that they are obvious choices. One of them also happens to be here in training with me too! He arrived here with a lot of defensive anger and fear, but he is becoming happier and softer every day – and he is so wonderfully expressive. The other is Sue Whitmores divine creature Uranio. A truly beautiful Lusitano Stallion, whose head would be a joy to sculpt life sized. I may have to make 2 of these life sized head sculptures I think!



So on some of the wildest, wettest and windiest days I choose to sculpt indoors and on the slightly better days I work outdoors training my horses. It works for us – but to be honest, this winter I have had rather too many indoor sculpting days!


If you are interested in a sculpture, or if you are interested in my training approaches using Positive Reinforcement and Academic Art of riding by Bent Branderup, or Enlightened Equitation Teaching Level 3 Teaching, do get in touch.

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