Academic Art of Riding by Bent Branderup



Some of you will know that I host clinics with currently accredited and certified Academic Art of Riding by Bent Branderup trainers here at my home “Stonehaven” in Somerset.

It is a lot of work to organsie and co-ordinate these clinics, but I do them for two reasons:

  1. Because I  continue to be fascinated over the years with learning to understand how Bent works horses, how his current accredited trainers  evolve and are being taught very accurately and in great detail over time but are encouraged to retain their own identity. This is because he is not interested in quantity of trainers, he prefers quality and this ensures that their depth of knowledge as trainers is kept current and therefore they do not require a script to follow; they are not clones.
  2.  Because I think that more humans and horses in UK should have the opprotunity to learn to this humane, gentle and consistent step by step approach to training and riding horses. There are currently no Academic Art of Riding by Bent Branderup Trainers in UK.








This year I am hosting a Masterclass series of Academic Art of Riding by Bent Branderup clinics, which will consist of 3 x Academic Art of Riding by Bent Branderup clinics, held in May, July and September, with Ylvie Fros teaching in May and September and Kathrin Branderup in July. The Masterclass series are already fully subscribed and there were sufficient numbers signed up to require organising them to  be run as double (back to back) clinics over the course of the Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays in each of the 3 months.  This will give all of the riders  a really good chance to learn more detail and subtlety with their work and keep up the momentum of learning input to progress themselves and their horses better during this time.










I also do have an open clinic being run during the weekend of June 23rd 24th with Monika Sanders who is another very experienced and sensitive Academic Art of Riding by Bent Branderup trainer who famously rode and adored Bents blind Knabstrupper, Filur for many years. I am now opening this clinic to take bookings on a strtictly first come first serve basis, with a deposit of £100 securing your rider place. This clinic will also be open to theory students and will cost £290 for a rider place and £80 for theory student place.


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