Teaching Fish to Swim. All about my Fox

When you train a typical Iberian horse, there is no need to teach that kind of horse how to be round and collected because they are born knowing how to do this and they are biomechanically set up for this kind of movement. These kinds of horses usually need to learn how to stretch out, relax and let go of the neck and withers and take longer lower steps.

When you are training a typical Thoroughbred, Warmblood, or Draught horse type, there is no need to train these horses how to push powerfully forwards with their hind legs, they are born knowing how to do this and are biomechanically set up to make this easy for them. They need to learn to become more round, and bring their hind legs underneath them more to help lift them off their forehands.

Teaching horses to do what does not come naturally is far more difficult, but it is essential in order for that horse to reduce the harmful effect of whatever nature gave the horse to do easily.

Put simply, if we dont try to correct the horses by either lengthening them out or rounding them up more, we risk allowing them to damage themselves by their own natural biomechanics of movement.


Here are some photos of my horse Fox, showing the changes he has made to his body, from a 3 year old bay snowflake spot to the near white powerful war horse he is today.


Fox, just turned 3 years old


Fox aged 3 1/2  years old


Fox aged 5 years old


Fox aged 7 years old


Fox aged 10 years old


Fox aged 12 years old


Fox aged 14 years old


Fox aged 15 years old



Fox aged 16 years old


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