Storm and Rosie; Then and Now.

The pictures can do the talking.

Rosie was afraid of Storm at first when she was only 15 and he was 12.

Storm was afraid of Rosie at first when he was only 12 and she was 15.


They said, “you wont be able to change that bulging upside down neck!”

They said, “hasnt he got a huge head!”

They said, “these hocks show the worst arthritis we have ever seen on Xray!”

But look at Storm and Rosie now! Never give up

2 thoughts on “Storm and Rosie; Then and Now.

  1. No never give up , my horse had many problems upside down neck no top line or muscles on his quarters , two years doing straightness training and I now have a beautiful athlete I’m stand and admire his body ( ha ha ) I’m so glad I never gave up and don’t intend to either

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