Back to the Future

Sometimes it is a good idea to look back at where you have travelled to be able to see better where you are now.

If you can see your progression by looking at your past, then all is well for the future.


This was Uralitas first efforts in learning to accept me a a rider in 2013. She arrived from Spain, unhandled and terrified of humans in 2011 with a foal inside her. She was bought and imported after only 2 weeks of handling and took 5 hours to load. After arriving, she refused to allow herself to be caught – or even touched by her new owner in UK for 5 months. As she was in foal her new owner was very worried it would not be possible to help her with a Vet if things went wrong during the foaling. I tricked her to catch her, by trapping her in a field shelter and then walked her to my home from her field to avoid terrifying her more with loading her into a trailer or lorry again and took her in here at my home to be trained for him. She became less afraid of people using only +R and absolutely no force. I began training her from the ground using Straightness Training but taking care to be very gentle with this method and once her foal was born I began to start her ridden work. This is one of her first few times being ridden. Her owner gave a half share of her to me in return for the work I did to help her overcoming her fear. I used a “Gooood” as my bridging sound then, but I think she would have learned even faster if I had used a clicker instead as it is so much more clear and definite in its sound, marking the “moment” better. She is the horse who is pictured in my  Facebook profile picture – which was taken in May this year – oh, and I bought out her original owners’ half share ownership of her and she is now all my own beautiful wonderful horse who I now train using Academic Art of Riding Bent Branderup training methods, combined with Clicker Training and the Enlightened Equitation (Heather Moffet) riding style.

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