Being conscious of yours and your horses bodies, being consistent, being genuine, having good timing and a good eye for details, having empathy and sympathy for the horse will all build a connection of trust. This trust can take you out hacking, take you over a jump, or keep you working together in harmony at liberty.

Connections are easy enough to build in controlled environments, or predictable situations, but even here, the higher the energy required from the horse, or the more unpredictable the environment the harder that trust is to maintain and the more the connection is tested, stretching the thread of connection too thin until it breaks.

Obedience born from force or fear is slavery and not friendship.

A horse who cannot dare to express joy is shut down and is therefore by definition, diminished.

A horse who knows when it is appropriate to express joy and when it is not, is called educated.

Educate your horse to love being with you, but not to fear the consequences of leaving you.

















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