Welcome to my Website

I am an Equestrian Sculptor, Horse Trainer, Equine Behaviour Consultant, a student of the Academic Art of Riding by Bent Branderup and an Enlightened Equitation Level 3 Trainer.

Enlightened Equitation Level 3 EE Teacher.

Equine Psychology diploma (Distinction) CoE

ILLIS ABC “Advanced Animal Behaviour”

ILLIS ABC “Animal Emotions”

Understand Horses Trudi Dempsey  “Improve  your Positive Reinforcement Training”

Understand Horses Justine Harrison “Understand Horse Behaviour” and “Horse Behaviour Consulting Mentorship”.

Academic Art of Riding by Bent Branderup Groundwork and Lunge test. 2018

Bent Branderup private lessons as week student via live video link are straight to the point and accurate in defining errors and finding solutions.

The Equine Touch certified Level member of IETA

Anatomy and Physiology diploma TOCES (Distinction)

The HoofGeek “Laminitis Warning Signs”

Ben Hart Level 1 and Level 2 two day clinic style courses, plus 1 day courses held at an Equine Sanctuary.

Peggy Hogan “Shaping Course”, “Start Buttons Course”, “Working with Multiples course 1 and 2”, “Teaching Cues”.

Shawna Karrash clinic and also online support.

Vet Nurse with Hoare and Harper, in Hanham Bristol, then with Shepherd, Cawood and Kinkaid, Midsomer Norton, Frome and Bath, which changed name to Silva House Veterinary Practice, working in operating theatres assisting with surgery and administering anaesthetics and assisting Vets on location for 10 years at mixed practices treating a mixture farm animals, horses, companion animals and reptiles.

I have always been passionate about horses, – ever since I was a small child, despite parental anxieties.  I was brought up in a musical and artistic household, but horses were always my passion and I always found a way to connect with them somehow. I drew horses obsessively and begged riding lessons, and started riding when I was very young.

“Who am I in my horses eyes” is a phrase I have heard Bent say many times and this is constantly in my thoughts as I train.

Every time we are with our horses, we are educating them, whether we mean to or not.

A sculptor creates a work of art from an inanimate material.

The horse trainer must change a living being into a work of art.

“If the horse is trained by force, force will be required to ride it.” – Egon von Neindorff

“Anything forced cannot be beautiful” –  Xenophon