Sunny Boy

Rest In Peace

Sunny Boy. 12:3hh  Welsh x


School Halt

Sunny trying School halt

Sunny Boy arrived with me as a very nervous and excitable 4 year old and he spent his early time with me as my daughters, Rosie and Florences’ slightly dangerous and very hot tempered riding pony, who was mostly kept on the leading rein at first for safety!  He was often bucking, rearing and he once bolted flat out with poor Rosie while we were out for a hack.

After some time with us, he began to gain confidence and was less fearful and he clearly jumped very well, but I could see he was still really crooked due probably in part to an old pelvis injuries acquired prior to me buying him.  I tried to help him using conventional training methods and he did show some improvements, but I always felt that I hadn’t addressed the issues deeply enough.

I began training him using Straightness Training in 2010, but only taking it seriously with him after 2012, when he began to show signs of lameness. Rest or Rust. He improved massively and  I continue his training using a mixture of concepts from Straightness Training, Marijke de Jong and Academic Art of Riding, Bent Branderup.

He is now 22 years old and looks better than ever. He is my sunshine and is a real delight to work with as he is so intelligent. His achievements are the only reason I need to keep training horses.  I dont care about ribbons.



Sunny learning Piaffe

Sunny Piaffe


Sunny and Florence at Porlock Vale having fun on the beach with Storm and Rosie

Sunny and Storm


Sunny, jumping with Florence

Sunny jumping