Liveries, Private Lessons and Clinics

I have studied the Academic Art of Riding since 2010 and have trained at home and abroad. I am the first person in UK to have passed the Academic Art of riding Groundwork and Lunge test by Bent Branderup

I am an experienced level 3 Enlightened Equitation Teacher

I am an experienced Positive Reinforcement rewards based horse trainer and Equine Behaviourist believing in a kinder way to train

I am a Level 3 Equine Touch bodyworker and use this wonderful modality on all horses in my care.

I am available for private lessons and run 1 day or 2 day weekend clinics at Stonehaven and also away from Stonehaven. Please contact me if you would like to organise one

*****************   2020 prices  **********************

Training Livery – POA

Private lessons £45 at my yard

Private lessons £45 plus travel costs (from £5 – £15) if at your yard.

coaching for students will be using:

  • Enlightened Equitation Teaching
  • The Academic Art of Riding by Bent Branderup training
  • Equine Positive Reinforcement

Places for working pupils are available. Please contact me by email at and expect to bring a positive and amiable attitude if you decide to take a working pupil place


Relaxed Intensive Weekends

Bring your own horse and also use my educated horses to learn –

The Relaxed Intensive weekends provide:

  • Lectures in straw bale lecture room
  • One to one tuition
  • Demonstration given of work
  • lessons with your own horse
  • 1 x lesson with one my schoolmasters (ground work only)
  • A friendly and supportive atmosphere to learn and discuss
  • Free use of stable for your horse (bring your own hay and bedding)
  • On site camping or use local B&B

£230 per person with minimum of 2 participants.

Please bring your own lunch.


Relaxed Intensive One Day Workshop at Stonehaven

Come and learn something more about feel, timing and biomechanics using my schoolmasters.

The Relaxed Intensive day clinic provide:

  • Lectures can be about equine or rider bio-mechanics, equine behaviour, equine related positive reinforcement training, Groundwork, Lunging, Lateral work, Collection  in the straw bale lecture room (choose what topic you prefer to learn)
  • One to one lessons
  • lessons with your own or one of my own educated horses (for non ridden work only)
  • A friendly and supportive atmosphere to learn and discuss

£130 per person, with a minimum of 2 people per day clinic.

(bring your own lunch)


Feedback from Relaxed Intensive Weekend 

‘Two glorious days spent fully immersed in gaining a better understanding of the biomechanics of how a horse moves and how we can help them to rebalance to carry a rider and for a healthier life in general.   Jacquie’s lectures and explanations were clear and well presented and  being able to work with her own horses on the ground gave me valuable hands-on experience of feel and timing.  The facilities at Stonehaven are perfect.   I came away with more knowledge and so better equipped to train my own horse at home.   Think more intensive than relaxed – there’s masses to take in.   The devil is in the detail and this clinic fed my addiction in spades. ‘

Best wishes – Anna

Wonderful atmosphere, and super learning experience that was horse friendly and kind, yet still effective.

Thoroughly recommend these weekends


Such an idyllic place, and beautifully set up for a relaxed but intensive learning experience! Thank you for a lovely enjoyable weekend with horses and calm.

Love and best wishes



Stonehaven hosts clinics every year throughout the summer months with accredited selected Academic Art of Riding by Bent Branderup trainers, including Ylvie Fros, Kathryn Branderup-Tannous, Katrin Wallber, Christofer Dahlgren and Monika Sanders

In 2019, Ylvie Fros, Kathryn Branderup-Tannous and Monika Sanders are booked for clinics at Stonehaven check out the dates and availability of clinic places on this designated facebook page:

We also have hosted clinics in the past at Stonehaven with Marieke van De Meer, Hector Carmona and Ben Hart.






Contact:  email:  for more details, or contact via facebook messages, or my mobile – 0777 303 2670.