Sunny trying School halt

I have always been passionate about horses, – ever since I was a small child despite parental anxieties about my safety!  I was brought up in a musical and artistic household, but horses were always my obsession.

Over the years I have searched for many answers to my questions about ethical but effective horse training and how to  educate a horse and how to communicate with horses and listen to their responses. It has been and still remains utterly fascinating and rewarding for me.

I ride a lot, but I also really love working horses from the ground as I find that the work in hand, sympathetic lunging, long reining, and groundwork using a single line closer to the horse, is so good for all of the following – and more:

Correcting asymmetries

Suppling and gymnasticising the horse without the burden of a rider

Refining the aids

Introducing lateral movements

Developing collection

Starting a young horse

Maintaining and improving an older horses suppleness

Teaching the horse a more detailed language required for ridden work

Training small ponies without needing to ride

Variety within the training

Rehabilitation of the horses body

Rehabilitation of the horses mind

Long reining Uralita


Sunny Piaffe



Fox in hand