Affiliative Behaviour

How many times does your horse show affiliative (friendly) behaviour towards his or her horse friends? How many times does he or she show affilliative behaviour towards you? More times than you have noticed probably! It is often slight and subtle, so its easily missed –  and when directed at a human, it is also very often misinterpreted and punished, or ignored.


2 thoughts on “Affiliative Behaviour

  1. I would love to train gently but most training knowledge is strong and sometime frightening to me looking on. How do you get repect without this . Or is that another possible.

    • Sorry for slow reply. I didnt notice the question as it was sent into the Spam folder.

      Sometimes the best way to gain a horses attention is to avoid having to “shout” – metaphorically of course. If you can whisper to the horse, the horse must listen more closely to you to hear what you say.

      Always ask the horse to do something that is well within your capabilites, mentally or physically.
      Always reward really well for all efforts to do the latest “easy thing to do”
      Always try to find out what your horses’ true nature is. Not the learned or adapted behaviours, but the true nature that has been underpinning the horses learning styles in the past.

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